Venues of Excellence Launch Confidence in Us Campaign

Award winning consortium Venues of Excellence has just launched its ‘Confidence in Us’ campaign to underpin their venues commitment to deliver safe events as the UK opens up to ‘business as usual’ for meetings and events.

Mandy Jennings CEO, Venues of Excellence commented on the new initiative: “We have recognised throughout the pandemic we needed to keep in contact with our venues to support them through the changes in operation post pandemic, whilst re evaluating with conference and event planners what they now see as key elements to their decision making when placing business with venues to host events.

Whilst hybrid and online events have been in demand, we are seeing a surge of enquiries seeking face to face events once again or a mix of both which is great news.  However, conference and event planners are looking to our venue find team to advise them in the guidelines around hosting events, seeking more flexible terms, assistance with negotiation and an understanding on how they instil confidence in their delegate participation to return to the meeting room.

As our member venues are independents in the marketplace, it seemed a natural campaign to launch to support our delegates and to promote our consultative approach with conference and meeting planners offering a ‘win win’ opportunity.”

Representing over 40 member venues from city centre locations to country mansions, dedicated training and conference centres to academic venues and an array of unique venues, the campaign focusses on key elements:

  • We are “easy to work with” and we value your business
  • Our venues continue to offer flexibility with their contracts and terms of business
  • Delegate experience and welfare is our priority
  • Our venues work within Covid-19 Government guidelines to deliver safe events
  • Hybrid event options can easily be combined with face-to-face events

To support these key points, we asked a few of our members to share what they have done in their venues to showcase what they have done throughout the pandemic to now return to delver the exceptional events for which our venues and Venues of Excellence are renowned.

Representing independent venues within the hospitality industry, Venues of Excellence provides venues with a great platform to promote their facilities.  Nicole Sadd, CEO of Rothamsted Enterprises and Board Member commented on the new campaign: “We were keen to support the Confidence in Us campaign launched by Venues of Excellence as it helps position Rothamsted Enterprises with other exceptional independent venues.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure that reopening we are able to deliver Delegate experience and welfare as a priority, giving confidence to conference and event planners.  What has been key to our venue is fully understanding the COVID19 Government Guidelines, how this impacts our venue and most importantly helping us shape the right changes to our processes and procedures.  We are confident we can meet the wide range of customer needs and continue to provide an excellence customer experience.”

Now more than ever the hospitality industry is looking to accelerate its business recovery and the Venues of Excellence ‘Confidence in Us’ campaign provides a springboard for their venues and enhanced support to conference and event planners.

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